Tuesday, 5 January 2010

more snow and cold, but potential for warmth!

We awoke to another covering of snow this morning on top of the compacted ice that has been hanging around since Christmas.  It looked pretty so I tottered outside first thing and took this picture before it had been disturbed.  It doesn't look much, but it was rather pretty, and eerily quiet at that hour.  In lieu of Sunday working Ed and I had planned a half day off today, and were aiming for a walk in the snow, and as he had stuff to do on the computer this morning I went into town to talk to the accountants office where I going to 'curate' a window of art and craft this year.  It didn't take me long as it is only around the corner, the white building you can see in the background of the photo!  I had planned to set up the first exhibit of the year this morning, but as I needed to get the plinths from the studio to the accountants in our van, which is dodgy in the snow and ice I have put it off until better weather.  The window is 10ft wide, 2.5ft deep and taller than me (I'm 5ft 5)  so it is an intersting space.  The only problem is that the window gets full sun all day long so we need to make sure that any work that goes on display is not going to get sun damaged, so that means that we are unlikely to show textiles, which is a bit of a shame.  Hopefully we will be able to take over the front window on the high street too which doesn't get any sun, although instead of being a full plate glass window it is made up of panes about 1ft square, however, I have a cunning plan for that if we can find some funding.  After lunch we got a call to say our log delivery had finally arrived, but the man couldn't drop the logs on the drive because of the snow and ice, so he was dropping the pallet on the pavement.   That put paid to our afternoon walk, but we got plenty of excercise carrying the logs through to the yard and stacking them.  I must admit it was very therapeutic, and most satisfying to see the stack grow and the pallet empty.  It was pretty good timing as we only had enough logs left for a few hours in the log burner tonight.  We have now turned the heating off again to conserve what oil we have left in the tank to heat the water and we are back to being reliant on long johns, vests, fingerless gloves, plug in USB feet warmers when working on the computer and a good old electric blanket!  Talking of which, I'd better go and switch it on!

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  1. I'm very glad to hear that you won't be reduced to burning the furniture..